Policy Decision Guidelines

  • We want to always remember that we are a small town.
  • We believe that our first priorities are to bring our existing assets up to speed and to fulfill promises.
  • We look forward to the ability to expand capabilities and to be proactive in research.
  • We believe our client base is every resident and visitor (in the District first and then beyond) and to scale our projects appropriately.
  • We are committed to respecting, learning and sharing the Ute story in the valley.
  • We believe that honesty and authenticity should prevail; all stories will be treated with equal respect.
  • We believe that all people and their stories are heroic in nature.
  • We believe that providing information is our mission and interpretation belongs to the viewer.
  • We believe an important component for success is continuing education for all staff members.
  • We will always make decisions with the eventual goal of accreditation by the American Association of Museums in mind
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