Red Onion Tales

RED ONION TALES   My family moved to Aspen in 1956, when I was nine, and the Red Onion soon became the hub of many of our family activities.  My […]

Retired Teacher

I grew up in Grand Junction and often skied at Aspen.  In the 1940s we stayed at the Jerome Hotel for fifty cents a night and had meals there of […]

Dr. Robert Oden, 1922 – May 18, 2008

  Bob Oden 1922–May 18, 2008 Dr. Bob Oden (that is pronounced O–Dane for non-Scandinavians) is one of the kindest, most beloved physicians in Aspen — a description he shares […]

Bridger Gile 1999

  Bridger Gile 1999–present Hi, my name is Bridger Gile. After being featured in two Warren Miller Films, winning a NASTAR national title and skiing 80 days a year, I […]

Amous Bourquin 1857 to 1943

  Amous Bourquin 1857–1943 Letter from Aspen, Colo., April 17, 1881 Dear Jule: I have been here a couple weeks so I will try to let you know what little […]