Dr. Robert Oden, 1922 – May 18, 2008

  Bob Oden 1922–May 18, 2008 Dr. Bob Oden (that is pronounced O–Dane for non-Scandinavians) is one of the kindest, most beloved physicians in Aspen — a description he shares gladly with his close friend, Harold Whitcomb, aka Dr. Whit. The stories of his generosity and caring would fill many books as he has extended […]

Bridger Gile 1999

  Bridger Gile 1999–present Hi, my name is Bridger Gile. After being featured in two Warren Miller Films, winning a NASTAR national title and skiing 80 days a year, I am finally attending kindergarten. At first I was worried that school was going to squeeze my ski time, but like any true Aspen local, I […]

Amous Bourquin 1857 to 1943

  Amous Bourquin 1857–1943 Letter from Aspen, Colo., April 17, 1881 Dear Jule: I have been here a couple weeks so I will try to let you know what little I can of Aspen. I will begin at Denver. I left there in the morning about half sick. Reached Leadville 7:30 pm. I had intended […]

Bill Heron – 1897 to 1970’s

  Bill Herron 1897–circa 1970s Bill Herron was an Aspen-born, lifelong silver miner who staunchly believed that the mining glory days in his beloved hometown would return. As a newcomer in the early 1950s, I first saw Bill and a few old-timers clustered around the brass spittoon wisely provided by the postmaster, Alton Beck, in […]

Al S. Lamb – 1855 to 1940

  Al S. Lamb 1855–1940 by Buzz Cooper and Larry Fredrick In late 1886 or early 1887, Al Lamb, a pharmacist, decided to cast his lot with the new silver boom at Aspen. The Lamb Drug Store became the center of community affairs, and Lamb himself became a powerful influence in local government. He won […]