Bil Dunaway – 1923

Bil Dunaway 1923 –present   Bil Dunaway was a great newspaper publisher and has a huge heart, but what he was known best for around The Aspen Times was his fiscal conservatism. On any given day, he could be found up on the roof dabbing tar on a leak, shoveling the sidewalk, repairing a toilet […]

Betty Jane Harbour – circa 1950 arrival

  Betty Jane Harbour From Port Arthur, Texas, Betty Jane Harbour came to Aspen around 1950 with her husband Jack. She built the houses that bracket the east end of Castle Creek bridge. Betty had a smile that could melt boilerplate and a foghorn of a voice. In the ’60s, during a whiteout on Aspen […]

Barry Smith

Barry Smith 1966 –present   Full-time humorist and former audio-visual guy, Barry Smith has, in 15 years of living here, unassumingly become a modern-day embodiment of the “Aspen Idea.” Not content with writing an award-winning weekly column in The Aspen Times, writing and directing award-winning short films, writing and performing award-winning theater (his monologue “Jesus […]

Aspen State Teachers College

Dr. Slats Cabbage “The Dr. of Fluid Mechanics” (aka Marc Demmon) 1951–present Slats was the manager for the Aspen Mine Company and announced “this will be your headquarters for the new mall construction.” He told me about the Aspen State Teacher’s College and immediately dubbed me the Dean of Destruction. I think the “Cabbage Racing […]

Crystal Palace Not Always So Palatial

Crystal Palace Not Always So Palatial Yore Aspen The Crystal Palace in 1962, with the Owl Cigars advertisement on the side. Aspen Laundry was in the one-story white building to the left. (Frank Willoughby/Willoughby collection)Click to Enlarge Tim WilloughbySeptember 22, 2007Imagine dump trucks inside the Crystal Palace, staying warm so they could start on cold […]