Clearing the grizzly – mining’s most dangerous job

Clearing the grizzly – mining’s most dangerous job Click to Enlarge Tim WilloughbyOctober 20, 2007Blasting required careful handling of explosives. Drilling was a silent killer from rock dust cutting up your lungs. But the really dangerous job was tending to the “grizzly” – and that didn’t mean chasing bears away. Mining is the business of […]

Spring Ahead – Fall Back?

Spring Ahead – Fall Back? Yore Aspen Changing the time was a bit of work on this clock gracing the lobby of the Hotel Jerome. (T. Willoughby)Click to Enlarge Tim WilloughbyOctober 27, 2007The phrase for remembering what to do with your clocks makes it easy to handle daylight saving time (DST). It wasn’t always so […]

Jeep Tales and Tips

Many additional comments could be added to Tim Willoughby’s Jeep article (“Jeep Brakes and the Wonderful Willys,” Yore Aspen, Oct. 13). For nearly 40 years, I have had a ’63 Jeep in Aspen. Bought secondhand, it has about every accessory possible. The original owner added a Dodge brake booster that works fine. Brakes are not […]

Aspen bucked political fashion then, too

Aspen bucked political fashion then, too Yore Aspen Republican headquarters, on Mill Street behind the Wheeler Opera House, in 1900 Aspen. The photos in the window are presidential candidate William McKinley and running mate Theodore Roosevelt. (Courtesy Aspen Historical Society)Click to Enlarge Tim WilloughbyNovember 3, 2007“Some unseen force is hard at work to hold back […]