Please join our efforts and consider a gift to the AHS Campaign, which will preserve the Aspen area’s exceptional history for future generations.

AHS Campaign

Aspen Historical Society operates the largest public archive of images, historical papers, maps, and artifact collections in the region. Our Archive Building houses priceless artifacts from every era of the Aspen valley’s history including the vast Mary Eshbaugh Hayes Photography Collection, maps of 1800s mining claims, Andy Mill’s Olympic uniform, and Elizabeth Paepcke’s gardening hat. Our Curator and Archivists work directly with the public to assist in historical and genealogical research and respond to every individual inquiry. Each year our collection grows, as do our number of archival consultations.

Total Campaign Goal: $3 Million

PHASE 1, COMPLETE: The AHS Campaign raised $1 million in capital expenses to renovate our Archive Building, featuring a protective vault for the collection, a new community gallery for exhibitions and educational programming, a 35% increase in collections storage, and additional office space. We celebrated the renovation of the Archive Building with a Grand Opening and Community Celebration, on July 14, 2017 with over 400 community members. The renovation allows us to best protect our collection, display more artifacts as well as host additional and larger educational programs and lectures. Come visit to see the changes and view our collection. Please call (970)925-3721 to make an appointment.

Composition of the renovated Archive Building:

PHASE 2, GOAL: $2 million to strengthen our Endowment
The second phase of the AHS Campaign will strengthen our endowment and open our facility, collections, and expertise to an even wider audience. Endowed funds will support educational programming, research positions, and the archive collection into the future, enhancing our mission to enrich our community through preserving and communicating its remarkable history.

Jess Bates and Clayton Hayes watching sheep along Bleeker Street in 1965. Mary Eshbaugh Hayes Collection.

Completed Archive Building

Click on the images below for a larger view and details.


What is your current endowment?

  • AHS has four restricted endowments in place totaling $580,000.

Why increase the endowment?

  • To protect and ensure the longevity of educational programming, fellowships, and research projects, as well as fund the accessioning of collections, such as the vast Mary Esbaugh Hayes photo collection.

What is your pledge period?

  • We welcome pledges of five years or less.
  • We have received a matching challenge grant of $500,000 and your generous gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar!


Aspen Historical Society thanks contributors to our Campaign to renovate the Archive Building and add much needed funds to our endowment. This list represents gifts received through January 15, 2018

BJ and Michael Adams, In Memory of Phyllis Hollenbaugh
Robert Albright, In Memory of Helen Klanderud
Alpenglow Foundation and the John Hobby Catto Family
Alpine Party Rentals
Anonymous (3)
Apex Security
Aspen Alps
Aspen Painting, Inc.
The Austin Memorial Foundation
Austin, Peirce, & Smith, P.C.
Aztech Mountain
The Balentine Collection
Bridget and Rick Balentine, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Susan and Charles Bantis
Vicki Bauer
Marci and Bob Beattie
Christine Benedetti and David Cook
Janie and John Bennett
Elyse Elliott and Jeremy Bernstein
Betty & Ace Dillon Advised Fund of the Hutchinson Community Foundation
Bluebird Productions
The Boettcher Foundation
Linda and Robert Brining
Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
Andrea and Chris Bryan, In Memory of Helen Klanderud
Carolyn Bucksbaum
Carolyn Bucksbaum, In Memory of Helen Klanderud
Jackie and John Bucksbaum
Builders FirstSource
Bobbie and Richard Burkley
Liza and Rick Burnham
Ruth Carver
Megan Cerise Winn
Sarah Challinor
City of Aspen
Clark’s Market
Ned and Jan Cochran, In Memory Tom Sharkey
Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE)
Connect One Design
Anne Cooke, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Cooper Family Foundation
Christin Cooper and Mark Taché
Jane and Marshall Crouch
Pamela Cunningham
Frances and Fred Davies
Frances and Fred Davies, In Memory of Ruth Whyte
Decorative Materials
Cynthia and James DeFrancia
Marc Demmon “Dr. Slats Cabbage”
Development Solutions Group, In Memory of Helen Klanderud
The Nick DeWolf Foundation
Chelsea and Chace Dillon
Double Diamond Moving & Storage
The Dubose Family Foundation
Merle Dulien
Judith Dunn
Jocelyn and Dave Durrance
Virginia Edelson
Jill Teehan Edinger
Rose Marie and Timothy Edinger
Nancy Emerson
Gail and Alfred Engelberg, In Honor of Brian Hazen
Evolve Structural Design
Suzanne and Bob Fike
Fine Trim Interiors
First Western Trust Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation
Sistie Fischer
Jane Floyd
Forum Phi
Margaret A. Frank Fund
Marilyn and Chuck Frias
Frias Properties of Aspen LLC
Nina Gabianelli
Nina Gabianelli, In Memory of James Moran
Donna Genet
Christine Gerschel and Peter Dahl
Getz Family, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
GH Phipps Construction Company, In Memory of Helen Klanderud
Nicole Gogolak
Hilary and Daniel Goldstine, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Ernie and Bill Goodnough, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Candace Goodwin and Rick Blauvelt
Chrisanne Gordon
The Green Diva
Susan and Philip Grover
Lisa and Ken Hammerle
Lisa and Jim Hancock
Georgia and Andy Hanson
Ruth Harrison, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Megan Harvey
Brigid and Brian Hazen
Kristen Henry, In Honor of Klaus Obermeyer
Linda Vitti-Herbst and Clancy Joe Herbst, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Juliane Heyman
Melinda and Jeff Hildebrand
Angela and Henry Hite, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Jason Hodges
Timothy Hogen
Holy Cross Energy Round-Up Foundation
The HON Company
Hilde Hottendorf
Logan and Justin Hood
Denise Hoogland
Jacqueline and Robert Hutton
Ann and Olivia Hyde, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Mary Ann Hyde
Mary Ann Hyde, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Jane Jenkins, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Jackie Kasabach
Lee Keating and Tom Bowers
John Keleher
Sue and Bob Kendig
Gail Mizner and Michael Kendric
Anne Kirby
Kathy and Warren Klug
Constance Knuth and Lawrence Clay
Kathryn and John Koch
Carol Kozlow
Ruth Kruger
Cari and Jeff Kuhlman
Karyn Gerschel Lamb
Donald Lang
Rita Leader
DeDe and Moses Lebovits
Les Dames d’Aspen, Ltd
Jonathan Lewis and Mark Zitelli
Daylene and Gary Lichtenwalter
Barbara and David Lipman
Paula and Monty Loud, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Marlene Maddalone
Nancy and Robert Magoon
Beryl Manuel
Margulf Foundation
Ellen and Tom Marshall
Laura Mathews
Kelly and Bryan May
Kelly and Bryan May, In Memory of James Moran
Nancy Mayer
Mona Look-Mazza and Tony Mazza
McBride Family
Tita and Dan McCarty
Travis Lane McDiffett
Lynda Price and Charles McDonald
Betty Anne and Jim McManus
Denise Jurgens and Kevin Messerschmidt, In Memory of Helen Klanderud
Debra and Andy Mill
Laura Miller, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Michael Monroney
Caroline and John Moore
Pamela Moore
Carolyn and Tom Moore
Mary and James* Moran
The Clifton H. and Sheridan C. Morris Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas, In Honor of Brian Hazen
Brent Moss Photography
Mary and Roger Moyer
Lee Mulcahy
Anne Mullins
Kelly Murphy and Danny Sullivan
Kelly Murphy and Danny Sullivan, In Memory of James Moran
Marcie and Robert Musser Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation
Kerry and Ricki Newman
Sarah Oates
Oates, Knezevich, Gardenswartz, Kelly & Morrow, P.C.
Obermeyer Wood Investment Counsel, LLLP
Olde Towne Moving & Storage
Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary
Judith Swift and Dick Osur
Ruth Owens Hanrahan
Jama and Jay Parker
William Parker Jr.
Fonda and Charles Paterson
Merbie and Tom Payne
Carol Peachey
Performance Ski
Hensley and James Peterson
Sara and Lysle Peterson
Helen and Art Phillips
Barbara Platts
Project Resources Group
RMS Concrete
Margaret Wilson Reckling
Margaret Wilson Reckling, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Reese Henry & Co.
Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Rowland + Broughton
Margaret and Dwayne Romero
Diana Rumsey
Lynn Russell and Stoney Davis
Heifara Rutgers and David Roth
Kay Sandberg, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Shereen and Jordan Sarick
Jan and John Sarpa
Gregory Sawka, In Memory of Helen Klanderud
Rachel and Brian Schaefer
Margot Schiff, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Eliza Flug Sheldon, In Memory of Martin Flug
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Julie and Steve Schlafer
Julie and Steve Schlafer, In Honor of Sue Kendig
Gita and Frank Schneider-Sickert
Anna and Bubba Scott
Anna and Bubba Scott, In Memory of James Moran
Carolyn Bell Sharkey and Sara Walker, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Tom Sharkey*
Smuggler Consolidated Mines
Ellie Spence
Ellie Spence, In Memory of Gail “Spider” Spence
Patti and George Stranahan
Curt Strand
Freddie and Arthur Stromberg
Freddie and Arthur Stromberg, In Honor of the Brunton, Copeland, and Twining Families
Sean Susanin
T & E Marshall Enterprises
The Thrift Shop of Aspen
Phyllis and Robert* Throm
Cathy and Michael Tierney
Rhonda Bazil and Thomas Todd, In Memory of James Moran
Jill Uris
Tony Vagneur
Mia Valley
Valley Fine Art
George Vetter, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Linda Vida and Richard Minkoff
Walt Crimm Associates
Daniel Watkins
Lenny Weinglass
Judy and Lester Weison, In Memory of Tom Sharkey
Ellen and David Welborn
Paul Williams
Megan Cerise Winn, In Memory of James Moran
Terry Wolofski and Larry Witte, In Honor of Christine Gerschel
Workplace Elements, Denver
Donald Young

In Memory of Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Katie and Carl Bergman
Susan Bernard
Andrea Berry
Marsha and Jack Brendlinger
Jane Click
Sandra Dallas
Rebecca Donelson and Robert Blattberg
Sara Garton
Christine Gerschel and Peter Dahl
Ruth Harrison
Darrow Hodges
Gail and Phil Holstein
Ellen and William Hunt
Ann and Olivia Hyde
Mary Ann Hyde
Mary Helen Klare
Donna Livingston
Cristal and Mark Logan
Judith and Amory Lovins
Katherine McMillan
Peggy and Barry Mink
Shirley Mulvaney
Robert Murray
Virginia and Rick Newton
Ann R. Nitze Charitable Trust
Bette Oakes
Cherie and Leonard Oates
Wayne Poulsen
Paul Schoenfeld
Judith Schramm
Dolores Stutsman
Phyllis and Robert* Throm
L’Deane Trueblood
John Werning
Anita Witt

Friends of Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
The Austin Memorial Foundation
Jess Bates
Terry Butler
Ruth Carver
Christin Cooper and Mark Taché
The Crestwood Condominium Hotel
Frances and Fred Davies
Marc Demmon
The Nick DeWolf Foundation
Christine Gerschel and Peter Dahl
The Hayes Family
Clayton Hayes
Elli Hayes Ford
Lauri Hayes
Pauli Hayes
Carol Ann and Don* Kopf
Les Dames d’Aspen
Ramona* and James Markalunas
Carolyn and Tom Moore
LtC Janis Nark and John Pennington
Hensley and James Peterson
Amy and John Phelan
Margaret Wilson Reckling
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Betty and Lloyd Schermer
Audrey Spiegel*
Tony Vagneur
Tamara and Frank Woods