movingday_9-20-16You know that feeling after Thanksgiving dinner when you’ve eaten five helpings of food but then can’t really move off of the couch? It was all worth it, and delicious, but things are … tight. That’s how I felt at the Aspen Historical Society, until recently. See, I’m the archive building. I sit behind that giant brick mansion in the West End (which isn’t so giant anymore compared to a lot of our neighbors), and I hold most of the town’s collection of photographs, documents and objects, plus some offices and storage. Because history keeps happening, I am getting stuffed.

movingday1_9-20-16Thankfully the fine folks at the Historical Society have decided to do something about it. We’re renovating! For the past month, dedicated staff have been methodically boxing up materials to store for the next eight months while I’m gutted. On the other end of the project, you’re going to see a sweet, new me. I’ll be energy-efficient, have more room for storage and will even feature a community meeting space so you can visit me more often. This is seriously wonderful news for the community, but it’s best for me. It feels like my belt just loosened and by spring I’ll be able to eat as much as I want.




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