Members, Supporters & Partners

Legacy Society

Jo-Ann Hall*
Maggie Harris
Mary Eshbaugh Hayes*

Jacqueline and Robert Hutton
Ramona Markalunas*
Janis Nark

Doug Wright
Ruth Whyte*

Free Admission Underwriters

Holden/Marolt Museum
Carl’s, Pharmacy
Miners’ Building Hardware

Wheeler Stallard Museum
Lynda & Stewart Resnick
Ruth Carver
Jacolyn & John Bucksbaum
Carol & Mike Hundert
Melony & Adam Lewis
Corrine & Lenny Sands

Bullion Row | $10,000+

Aspen Business Center Foundation
Linda and Bob Brining
The City of Aspen

Melony and Adam Lewis
Kate McBride
Susan Taylor and Robert C. Pew, III

Lynda and Stewart Resnick
The Phil and Ruth Spano Foundation

Rancher | $5,000

Alpenglow Foundation
Katie Bergman
Ruth Turnquist Carver
Sarah Challinor

Charles Cunniffe Architects, P.C.
Billie Erwin
Jessica and John Fullerton
J & M Foundation

Les Dames d’ Aspen, LTD
The Louis & Harold Price Foundation
Mary Ann Tittle
Carol Ward

Silver Circle | $1,500

Alpine Bank
Aspen Chamber Resort Association
Aspen Thrift Shop
JoAnna and William Beach
Sarah Broughton and John Rowland
Carolyn Bucksbaum
Bucksbaum Revocable Trust
Sarah R. Cole
Angela and Charles Cunniffe
Chelsea and Chace Dillon
Loyal Durand
Event Rents
Helen H. Feinberg
First Western Trust
Fred & Elli Iselin Foundation

Valerie and Jack Guenther
Phyllis Hojel and Jake Mascotte
Carol and Mike Hundert
Jacqueline and Robert Hutton
Heather Jernberg
Janet and Arvid Johnson
Laura and Michael Kaplan
Krystal and Christopher Kiley
Terri and Mike Knode
Marcie and Robert Musser
Obermeyer Wood InvestmentCounsel
Heather and Chris Preusch
Allison and David Ratajczak

Reese Henry & Company, Inc.
Denice Reich
Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Corrine and Lenny Sands
Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
Shelly Senterfitt and Ken Canfield
Rusty Wilson Sexton, Jr.
Steven Stunda Charitable Fund
The Flunison Fund
The William H. & Mattie Wattis
Harris Foundation
U.S. Bank
Tony Vagneur
Tamara and Frank Woods

Hippie | $1,000

Gina Berko and David Fleisher
Judith Bleiler and Harry Richard
Burlingame Construction
Carl’s Pharmacy
Jeanie and Tom Carter
Christin Cooper and Mark Taché
Bruce Etkin
Firman Fund
Sistie Fischer

Nina and Nancy Gabianelli
Casady Henry
Kristin Kramer and Brian Skocaj
Peter Looram
Laurie Michaels
Miner’s Building
Caroline and Tom Moore
William Nutting

Cherrie and Lennie Oates
Fonda Paterson
Susan and Chuck Riepenhoff
Mary and Patrick Scanlan
Bill Slusser
Ellie Spence
Mia Valley
Vanguard Charitable

Victorian | $500

Mary and Syd Baxter*
Donna Fisher and Skip Behrhorst
Sheri Brinker and Jennifer Butterfield
Bryan May Architecture
James Condit
Emma and Robert Culver
Nicole Dewolf
Muffy and Andy DiSabatino
Michaele Dunsdon
Lesha and Thomas Elsenbrook
Janet Roberts and Larry Fredrick
Joanna Golden
Thorey and Barry Goldstein

Joan and Rodger Gurrentz
Barbara and Peter Guy
Hall Charitable Foundation
Karen and Karl Hartman
Kristen Henry
Carol and Martin Hidalgo
Constance Hoguet and Richard Neel
Carol Hood and Brooke Peterson
Sue and Robert Kendig
Dede and Moses Lebovits
Daylene and Gary Lichtenwalter
Diane and Mead Metcalf

Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters
Caroline and Nicolas Nierenberg
Oakes Family Foundation
Anne and Arnold Porath
Lynn Russell and Stoney Davis
Melissa Shennan
Jill St. John and Robert Wagner
John Starr
The Arches Foundation
The DuBose Family Foundation
Cathy and Michael Tierney
Barbara and Steve Wickes

Assayer | $250

Aspen Sister Cities
Claudine and Ron Austin
Becky Ayres
Susan Bernard
Clare Bronowski
Lawrence Butler
John Cooley
Virginia Dabney
Disque Deane, Jr.
Marsha and David Dowler
Joyce and Dave Durrance
Dede Duson
Mary Ann and Lee Erb
Sandra Eskin
Carol and James Farnsworth
Patricia Ferris
Sally Glenn and Hugh Roberts

Leticia and David Gordon
Lyndsay and Thomas Gorman
Dusty Hamrick
Andrew Heldman
Sue and Bob Helm
Bobbie and Tatnall Hillman
Cindy Houben
Marilyn Hovdesven
Judith Huston
Maureen Kinney and Scott Hicks
Laura and Gary Lauder
Madeline Lieb
Kristin and Chuck Lohmiller
Heather and Chris Macdonald
Marlene Maddalone
Katherine McMillan
Ladye Ann and Jack Miller, Jr.

Peggy and Barry Mink
Gail Mizner and Michael Kendrick
Mary and Roger Moyer
Janis Nark and John Pennington
Kerry and Ricki Newman
Joey and Mark Omlie
Maureen and Greg Poschman
Elizabeth and Jordan Rednor
Anne Rickenbaugh
Diana Rumsey
David Rybak
Valery and William Stevenson
Bill Stirling
Angeles Torres and Peter Anzalone
Patricia and Jay Webster
Susan Welsch

Lixiviators | $100

Lora and Drew Allan
Jeannette Anderson
Amor and Robert Andy
Anne Austin-Clapper
Tammy Baar
Kirk Baker
Bridget and Rick Balentine
Lissa Ballinger and Andy Docken
Carolyn and Leo Barabe
Marjorie and William Bardeen
Cornelia and Nathaniel Bates
Catherine and Gordon Baym
Michael Behrendt and Ivan Cassar
Amy and Neal Beidleman
Elizabeth Belsher
Christine Benedetti and David Cook
Nora Berko and Howell Mallory
Sallie and Thomas Bernard
Yolanda and Steve Bernard
Nancy and Stephen Bernstein
Michele Bodner
Liz and John Bokram
DeDe Brinkman
Karen and Thomas Brott
Sheilah Bryan
Ally Bryden
Eliza and Andrew Burlingame
Laura Calk and Dennis Willcox
Suzanne Caskey and John Keleher
David Chazen
Andrea Cherny
Jess and Nick Chimerakis
Christine Chisholm
Ned Cochran
Lauren and Jordan Cohen
Ashley Connolly
Tom Cooper
David Corbin
Emily Covey
Mac Cunningham
Allen Cutler
Jesse and Chris Davenport
Jeff Davis
Catherine and Peter Davis
Terese DeLuca
Marc Demmon
Pamela Denby
Leslie Desmond
Mary Dominick and Sven Coomer
Nancy Dunlap
Amy Egertson and Doug Throm
Jean and Randy Eis
Carrie and John Elder
Ben Elder
Elyse Elliott and Jeremy Bernstein
Paul David Ellis
Beatrix Elting and George William Johnson
Mary Lou and Joe Farrell
Sara Finkle
Jane Floyd
Carrie and Kyle Ford
Pam Fox
Ginna and Tim Francis
Darlene and Thomas Fridstein
Barbara and Karl Friedman
Golda and Sheldon Friedstein
Louise and Bob Fryklund
Carolyn and Ron Galfione
Cory Garske
Susan Gaudino
Virginia and Gary Gerst
Susan Gessner
Alan Gettelman
Elvie and Yale Gieszl
Mary and James Gilbert
Sarah Gillette
Ed Grange

Jason Gregg
Sue Anne Griffith and Jim Kaufman
Cheri Grinnell
Toddi Gutner
John T. Hailey
Lisa and Ken Hammerle
Lelia and Bill Harriman
Terri and Jeff Hatterick
Mimi and Ward Hauenstein
Dana Higbie
Erica and Richard Horvitz
Anne and Stephen Hunter
Sandy and Charles Israel
Sandy and Peter Johnson
Denise Jurgens and Kevin Messerschmidt
Nancy J. Kahn
Elena Kazlas
Marianne and Mark Keating
Kristine and Whit Kelly
Alexandra Kendrick and Bob Nix
Daniel Kinney
Suzanne and Michael Kosnitzky
Karen Kribs
Kroger – City Market
Carol and Tom Kurt
Andrea and Craig LaBarge
Donald Lang
Wendy Larson and Willie Moseley
Teresa Lee
Francine and Tag Liebel
Sam and Peter Louras
Tricia Louthis
Candace Love
Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
Anita and Scott Lupow
Pamela Mackey
Martha Madsen
Mirte Mallory
Patsy Malone and Darby Glenn
George Marolt
Robert G. B. Marsh
Ellen and Tom Marshall
Lynne and Rick McMillan
Helen Mellick Foster
Scott Messina
Mary Anne Meyer
Charles Miel
Jane and Bill Mitchell
Dick Moebius
Michael Monroney
Caroline and John Moore
Michael Mortensen
Gaard Moses
Kelly Murphy and Danny Sullivan
Tracy Murtagh
Katherine Neisser
Kelly Wade and Jordan Nemirow
Virginia and Rick Newton
Brian Olsen
Deborah and Phil Overeynder
Patricia Overton
Janet Parke
Jay and Jama Parker
Karen and Steve Passow
Carol Pasternak
Sue and Kirk Patrick
Merbie and Tom Payne
Sandra and Fred Peirce
Meredith Perkins
Hensley and James Peterson
Ed Petrosius II
Melinda and Eric Phannenstiel
Barbara Pitchford
Jayne and Bill Poss
Emily and Ken Ransford
Holly Reed
Susann Resnick

Brittanie Rockhill and Spencer McKnight
Ingrid and Scott Rolles
Cathy Ross
Polly Ross
Judith Royer
Jospeh Ruicci
Jacqueline Russell
Katherine Sand and Scott Martin
Nancy Sands
Audrey Sattler and Donald Fleisher
Keith Schappert
Mary Schmidt-Libby
Daniel Schultze
Marianne and John Schumacher
Jim Scull
John Seelen
Leah and Dennis Seider
Carol Seiersen
Jep Seman
Bill Sharp
Dawn Shepard and Randy Gold
Patricia and John Shields
Carolyn and Dan Shipp
Wendy and Michael Sidley
Aaron Siegel
Margaret and Mike Simmons
Steve Skadron
Andrew Skewes
Helene Slansky
Ernie and Larry Slater
Morgan Smith
Doris and K.K. Solacoff
Stephanie Soldner
Sabrina Soto and Stacey Domenech
Lorraine and Pat Spector
Connie and Dave Spence
Diane and Charles Spickert
Don Stapleton
Sandy and Stephen Stay
Pat Stein Spitzmiller
Thomas Stevens
Karen Stevenson
Lou and Ray Stover
Phil Sugg
Meg Sunier
Shelley Supplee
The Buettner Family Foundation
Victoria Thomas
Donna M. Thompson
Mariann and Richard Thompson
Marjorie Throm
Annie and Mike Tierney
Heli and Bill Tomford
Diana and Howard Vagneur
Marguerite VillaSanta
William Von Stocken
Vos Family Fund
Ruth and Bob Wade
Bradley Waitzer
PJ Wallace and Michael Hutton
Karl Wallach
Jim Ward
Donna and Tom Ward
Nina Ware
Randy Wedum
Brian Weiner
John Werning
Lynne and Ralph Whipple
Lara and Marc Whitley
Leslie and Tim Willoughby
Dottie Wolcott
Laura and Todd Wood
Stephen Wright
Phyllis and Richard Yonker
Zanin Family Foundation
Robert Zupancis

Prospectors | $50

Cynthia Haines
Lori and Jim Hallock
Lisa and Jim Hancock
Geraldine Harper Graham
Ruth Harrison
Janine Hill
Audrey Holmes
Shirley Holst
Gail and Phil Holstein
Amy Honey
Paul Jacobsen
Tim Jewett
Janet Kassabian
Enid and Robert Kay
Gail and Ralph Lombardi
Jim Markalunas
Joseph Massaro
Michele McClinton
Travis McDiffett

Susan and Doug McPherson
Patricia and Richard Merritt
John Miller
Pat Milligan
Julie and Lee Monson
Julie Mumma
Mary Lynn and Sandy Munroe
Michael Munroe
Liz and George Newman
Michael Onufrak
Candice Quinn and Edwin Kelly
Douglas Ross
Oakleigh Ryan
Elizabeth Ryan-Douglas
Liz Savickas
Cynthia Schuler
Anna and Bubba Scott
Carolyn and Dick Shohet

Penny and Basil Smilios
Kate and James Spencer
Spiders Ski Pad LLC
Diane Stine
Ruth Stone
Grant Strom
Lee Sullivan
Geni and David Swersky
Kerry and Dennis Terminello
Nancy Thorpe
Henrik Vanderlip
Lisa Waldman
Priscilla Walker
Judith and Iain Waugh
James Weaver
Wendy Weaver
Deborah Wheatley
Carol and George Woerndle

Artifact Donations

Sue Barnett
Edward Beaudette
Cyndie Bleskan
Bob Krueger Photography
Marc “Slats” Demmon
Dale Dillingham
Roxanne Eflin
Margaret Garvey
Jerry Gerbaz
David Guthrie
Matthew Hampton
Georgia and Andy Hanson
Marcia Hartigan
Bill Hodges

Hodgson Estate
Kim Keilin
David Lamson
Tom Marshall
Susan McCoy
Scott McCracken
Sheila McCullough
Susan Melville
Tim Mullikin
Madigan Construction Company
Sarah Oates
Robert Parrish
Fonda Paterson

Brooke Peterson
Bill Reynolds
Julie Rosburg
Debbie and Michael Shore
Sandra Simpson
Peter Starck
Sean Susanin
Mary Ann Tittle
Miriam Wallen
Walter Steele Lambertson Estate/Newton
Stephen Wright
Robert Zupancis

Museum at Lift One Advisory Committee

Lissa Ballinger
Amanda Boxtel
Simi Hamilton
Michael Hundert

Skyler Lomahaftewa
Michael Miracle
Ann Mullins

Patrick Rawley
Tony Vagneur
Austin Weiss

Community Partners

Ashcroft Ski Touring
Aspen Art Museum
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies
Aspen Chamber Resort Association
Aspen Community School
Aspen Country Day School
Aspen Film
Aspen Hall of Fame
Aspen Institute
Aspen Public Radio
Aspen Reprographics
Aspen School District
Aspen Sister Cities
Aspen Skiing Company
Aspen Sojourner
Aspen Valley Hospital
Basalt Regional Heritage Society
Basalt Regional Library
Blazing Adventures
Bob Beattie Ski Foundation
Judy Boyd
Buffalo Joe Bluegrass Band
Camp Aspen/Snowmass
Carbondale Historical Society
City of Aspen
Community Office For Resource Efficiency
Daniel J. Sullivan, Esq.
Eagle County Historical Society

Edible Aspen
Event Rents

Farm Collaborative
Natalie Feinberg Lopez
Four Rivers Historic Alliance
Friends of the Flume
Frisco Historic Park & Museum
Glenwood Springs Historical Society
Gran Farnum Printing
Grand Valley Historical Society
Hickory House Restaurant
David Hiser
History Colorado
Hotel Jerome
Hunter Creek Historical Foundation
Independence Pass Foundation
Jazz Aspen Snowmass
Kidtoons Productions
Les Dames d’Aspen
Limelight Hotel Aspen
Skyler Lomahaftewah
Marble Charter School
Marble Historical Society
Michaele Dunsdon, ID Interiors
Mike Monroney
Northern Ute Tribe
Paper Bag Media
Pitkin County Library

Pitkin County Open Space & Trails
Pitkin County Senior Center
Red Butte Cemetery Association
Redstone Historical Society
Rifle Heritage Center
Roaring Fork Conservancy
Roaring Fork School District
Roaring Fork Valley Storytellers
Roaring Fork Veterans History Project
Skiing History Magazine
Smiling Goat Ranch
Smithsonian Magazine
Snowmass Sun
Snowmass Tourism
Southern Ute Tribe
St. Stephen Catholic School
Summit County Historical Society
The Aspen Times
The Dreamery Co
The Resnick Center for Bayer Studies
Chris Thompson
Top of the Rockies Byway
USFS White River National Forest
Waldorf on the Roaring Fork
DJ Watkins
Wheeler Opera House
Wooden Nickel
Woody Creek Distillers


Brian Berger
Sheri Brinker
Tim Cooney
Marc Demmons
Larry Fredrick
Pat Holloran
Nyala Honey
Mike Hundert

Ally Kummell
Howie Mallory
Laura Mathews
Tim McFlynn
Graeme Means
George Newman
Dan Reeves
Dan Sadowsky

Bubba Scott
Dean Stapleton
Kian Sullivan
Tony Vagneur
David “Wabs” Walbert
Chris Wheatley
Tim Willoughby