On more than one occasion, someone rode a horse into the Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar and straight through it. Gives new meaning to “Driving Under the Influence,” right?

Urban legend also states that on one particularly rowdy night, at least three celebrities were “over-served” to the point that they all fell of their bar stools. Good thing the paparazzi weren’t around in those days.

The J-Bar has served as the community’s unofficial gathering place and watering hole for more than a century. But, it’s just one of many bars in town that have seen decades of stories go down. Our new Historic Pub Tour literally walks through some of these establishments, giving guests a chance to learn about local lore and sample the preferred spirits. It leaves from the Red Onion every Thursday at 3:30 p.m., stopping at Justice Snow’s and the J-Bar afterward. Cost is $20, and that includes a small drink at each stop. Obviously, it’s for people ages 21 and over.



Ross Griffin sits on Hotel Jerome bar stool, while Ron Funk and several others talk to the waitress. The photograph was taken as part of an advertising campaign, showing the progress of remodeling in 1972 and was donated by Ann Hodges.