Eye of the Archive: Notes from the Exhibit Guest Book

Summer is right around the corner in Aspen and boy am I EXCITED! There’s a lot to be excited about, you see, with a guest exhibition being installed next door at the Wheeler/Stallard Museum this very minute! And then there’s also the matter of me, the Archive Building, winning TWO AWARDS for last year’s remodel! […]

Eye of the Archive: This Is All Mr. Holden’s Fault

There’s a thing called OFF-season in small destination mountain towns like Aspen, when the tourists leave and locals get to stretch out and have the place to themselves. In theory, it’s the most laid-back time of year! But in practice, it’s a yin- and -yang season. Some bad, some good, but mostly confused. Confused weather, […]

Eye of the Archive: More Beautiful Than a Spring Day

Spring has teased us here in Aspen, with bright warm days and birds singing their thanks for sunshine. And then it gosh darn snowed last night and, despite my newly-insulated walls, I’m shivering in my foundation and feeling just plain grumpy. Thankfully, word (and photos!) came from Philadelphia yesterday about the progress thus far in […]

Eye of the Archive: A Gold Medal Effort

All of this Olympic’s buzz is infectious! Wowie, those figure skaters! The Flying Tomato sent it out of the park to win America’s 100th gold medal; the local boys are looking good for their freestyle comps; and there’s not much more exciting than watching Michaela and Lindsey speeding down the slopes! I’m not sure I’ve […]