Holden / Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum

Once a silver mill then a working family ranch, the Holden/Marolt museum and grounds are one of Aspen’s prized venues, reveling a slice of history no other site delivers.

Located at the edge of Aspen and surrounded by beautiful views, these grounds offer a causal and unusual settings for special occasions. The Holden/Marolt Barn houses a Museum of Mining and Farming artifacts and is not available for parties. Ground are designed to accommodate parties up to 250 people.


  • Location: 40180 Highway 82, Aspen
  • Time: June – September 9am to 9pm
  • Fee: $3,000
  • Other events on request
  • Tel: 970.925.3721 x107
  • Fax: 970.925.5347
  • Email: [email protected]