Intern Opportunities


Aspen Historical Society Internships:

Application deadline: March 31, 2023
Internship time frame: June 1, 2023 – September 4, 2023

Aspen Historical Society Internships: Interns will have the opportunity to serve the society in various positions, from leading tours to supporting programs and events. We offer interpretive tours five to seven days a week in many locations including: the historic ghost town of Independence, located near the Continental Divide, on Independence Pass (elevation 10,800 ft.); the historic ghost town of Ashcroft, located in the Castle Creek Valley (elevation 9,521 ft.); the Holden/Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum, located in Aspen; and the Wheeler/Stallard Museum, home of the Aspen Historical Society. In addition, we are looking for event and program interns to work with our staff on the daily business of operations.

Interns are paid a stipend of $3000 for the summer, based on experience and availability. Interns also earn a professional Certified Interpretive Guide certificate through the National Association for Interpretation. Interns must provide their own vehicles. Aspen Historical Society has limited housing available. Included is the opportunity to live in the ghost towns, which requires the ability to live without the modern conveniences of running water and electricity. A season pass to the Aspen Recreation Center for gym and showers, along with access to internet and laundry facilities are provided. A degree (or in process of) in history, archaeology, or a related field is recommended, although not required.

Duties include: interpretation of the sites, assisting with preservation and maintenance projects, gift shop and book sales, guiding walking tours, special event coordination and education programs.

AHS Expectations of Interns:

      • Interns are expected to work a 40-hour work week, with two days off each week. Sites are open seven days/week; schedules do fluctuate.
      • Internships begin June 1, 2023 and end on September 4, 2023, Labor Day, with potential to extend through September. Schedules can be negotiated during interview process.
      • All AHS interns are expected to assume professional responsibilities and to complete required projects.
      • Interns are required to attend special events at hours that vary from the typical 8-hour work day. Work schedules will be “flexed” accordingly.
      • There is no smoking of any kind, or alcohol use, at any time, on the job.
      • The dress code for AHS is casual, and interns are expected to dress appropriately for their job duties.  Special events and docent responsibilities require a more professional appearance and/or period costuming.
      • Pay periods fall on/around the 5th and 20th of each month.
      • Interns shall be required to attend all mandatory training unless their supervisor approves their absence.
      • Interns are important ambassadors representing the Aspen Historical Society, throughout the summer. It is expected that you will accept this role enthusiastically and carry it with pride.

Training Provided Includes:

      • Certified Interpretative Guide Training through the National Association for Interpretation (32 hours of intensive training with final presentation for professional certification)
      • Local and regional history
      • Site-specific historical research
      • Daily accounting procedures (cash handling, sales, visitor tracking…)