Members, Sponsors & Partners

Aspen Historical Society thanks our members, donors, business sponsors, and community partners who help make our programming possible.
List current as of January 15, 2018

Bullion Row: $10,000+
Alpenglow Foundation & John Hobby Catto Family
Jonathan Lewis and Mark Zitelli
The Louis & Harold Price Foundation
Corrine and Lenny Sands
The Wilder Foundation

Silver Circle: $1,500-9,999
Katie and Carl Bergman
Darcey Brown
Ruth Carver
Sarah Challinor
Carol Craig
Fred & Elli Iselin Foundation
Chelsea and Chace Dillon
Judith Dunn
Bernice and Loyal Durand
Tena Farr and Jane Dunaway
Jessica and John Fullerton
Christine Gerschel and Peter Dahl
Valerie and Jack Guenther
Ruth and David Hoff
Carol and Mike Hundert
Jacqueline and Robert Hutton
Jane Jenkins
Les Dames d’ Aspen, LTD
McBride Family
Memnosyne Institute Inc.
Tim Mullikin
Sarah Oates
Bonnie Osborn
Ruth Owens Hanrahan
Susan Taylor and Robert Pew
Margaret Wilson Reckling
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Sandy Spano
Steven Stunda Charitable Foundation
Ellen and David Walbert
Mary and Hugh Wise
Rosalie and David Wood
Tamara and Frank Woods



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Business & Professional Partners
Alpine Bank
Alpine Party Rentals
Aspen Alps
Aspen Art Museum
Aspen Brewing Company
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies
Aspen Chamber Resort Association
Aspen Community Office for Resource Efficiency
Aspen Daily News
Aspen Fire Department
Aspen Institute
Aspen Magazine
Aspen Music Festival and School
Aspen Nordic Council
Aspen Painting
Aspen PEO
Aspen Public Radio
Aspen School District
Aspen Sister Cities
Aspen Skating Club
Aspen Skiing Company
Aspen Sojourner
Aspen Sports
Aspen Square Condominiums
Aspen Thrift Shop
Aspen Tree
Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club
Aspen Words
Aztech Mountain
Balentine Collection
Basalt Regional Heritage Society
Berkshire Hathaway
Bethel Rentals
Blazing Adventures
Bluebird Productions
Carl’s Pharmacy
Chaffin Light Real Estate
Charles Cunniffe Architects
City of Aspen
City of Aspen Capital Assets Dept.
City of Aspen Citizen’s Academy
City of Aspen Parks & Recreation
City of Aspen Open Space & Trails
Clark’s Market
Colorado Historical Records Advisory Board
Colorado Humanities
Connect One Design
Decorative Materials
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Double Diamond Moving and Storage
Edible Aspen
Elks BPOE 224
First Western Trust
Frisco Historical Museum
Forum Phi
Four Rivers Historic Alliance
Frias Properties
Frontier Historical Museum
GF Woods Construction Company
Grassroots TV
Hickory House
Holland and Hart
Hotel Jerome
Historic Preservation Commission
Independence Pass Foundation
Isis Theatre
Justice Snow’s
Limelight Hotel
Marble History Museum
Memnosyne Institute
Molly Gibson Lodge
Mountain Chalet
Mountain Rescue
Mount Sopris Historical Society
Museum of Northwestern Colorado
Northern Ute Tribe
Oates, Knezevich, Gardenswartz, Kelly & Morrow, P.C.
Obermeyer Woods Investment Counsel
Old Towne Moving and Storage
Our Community Listens
Paradise Bakery
Peach’s Corner Cafe
Performance Ski
Redstone Historical Society
Reese Henry & Company, Inc.
Roaring Fork Conservancy
Roaring Fork Leadership
Roaring Fork School District
Roaring Fork Veterans History Project
Pitkin County
Pitkin County Library
Silver Tree/ Westin
Smuggler Mining Corp.
Snowmass Rodeo
Snowmass Western Heritage
Spellbinders ®
Southern Ute Tribe
Daniel J. Sullivan, Esq.
Summer Advantage ®
Summit County Historical Society
The Aspen Times
The Little Nell Hotel
The Mountain Chalet
The St. Regis Hotel
The Wheeler Opera House
TOSV Tourism Office
US Bank
White River National Forest (USFS – Aspen/Sopris District)
Whipple and Brewster
Yellow Brick Early Learning Center
Valley Fine Art Limited
Viceroy Snowmass

Lixiviators: $100-1,499
Donna Adams
Douglas Allen
Holly Reed and Gaylord Allen
Anonymous (3)
Aspen Skiing Company Family Fund
Austin Memorial Foundation
Claudine and Ron Austin
Becky Ayres
Lissa Ballinger
Carolyn Cerise Barabe and Leo Barabe
Marjorie and William Bardeen
Nathaniel Bates
Mary and Syd Baxter
JoAnna and William Beach
Betty and Glenn Beck
Michael Behrendt and Ivan Cassar
Donna Fisher and Skip Behrhorst
Meredith Bell
David Bentley
Bruce Berger
Gina Berko
Sallie and Thomas Bernard
Susan Bernard
Elyse Elliott and Jeremy Bernstein
Carla and Stephen Berry
Barbara Berv
Judy Bleiler and Harry Richard
Liz and John Bokram
Laurie Michaels and David Bonderman
Linda and Bob Brining
Sheri Brinker and Jennifer Butterfield
Marlene Brinker
Deanna Brinkman
Carolyn Bucksbaum
Jackie and John Bucksbaum
Leigh and Alfred Buettner
Bobbie and Richard Burkley
Eliza Greenman Burlingame and Andrew Burlingame
Anne Burrows
Bettie and Stewart Bushong
Richard Butera
Laura Calk
Richard Carrigan
Christine Carson
Martin Carver
Laurel and John Catto
Molly and Steve Child
Duncan Clauss
Nick Coates
Kim Coates
Jan and Ned Cochran
Karen and Terry Conklin
Ashley and Michael Connolly
Anne Cooke
John Cooley
Jane and Marshall Crouch
Ingersoll Cunningham
Jesse and Chris Davenport
Fran and Fred Davies
Lynn Russell and Stoney Davis
Besha Deane
Phil Desmond
Leslie Desmond
Tony DiLucia
Mary and Sven Dominick
Marsha and David Dowler
Merle Dulien
Michaele Dunsdon
Jocelyn and Dave Durrance
Threde and Charles Edison
Jenny and Randy Eis
Paul David Ellis
Beatrix Elting and George Johnson
Shelley Emerick
Mary Ann and Lee Erb
Billie and Greg Erwin
Sandra and Gerald Eskin
Dafri and Michael Estes
Bruce Etkin
Anne and Alan Feld
Theba and Buster Feldman
Susan and George Fesus
Sue and Bob Fike
Sara Finkle
Sistie Fischer
Audrey Sattler and Donald Fleisher
Jane Floyd
Ginna and Timothy Francis
Ursla Freudiger
Dorothy Frommer
Nancy and Gene Gabianelli
Jane and Marshall Geer
Patsy Malone and Darby Glenn
Marjorie and Ernest Gerbaz
Jim Gerbaz
Virginia and Gary Gerst
Susan and Richard Gessner
Elvie and Yale Gieszl
Pam and Lyle Ginsburg
Sally Glenn and Hugh Roberts
Ethel and William Gofen
Nicole Gogolak
Dawn Shepard and Randy Gold
Alex Goldberg
Thorey and Barry Goldstein
Ernie Goodnough
Lindsay and Thomas Gorman
Marcia Goshorn
Judy Goss
Audrey and Arthur Greenberg
Helene Gude
Joan and Rodger Gurrentz
David Guthrie
Jo-Ann Hall
Lisa and Kenneth Hammerle
Jennifer and Jim Hearn
Hetta and Jesse Heath
Sue and Robert Helm
Casady Henry
Kristen Henry
Carol and Martin Hidalgo
Ann Hodges
Jason Hodges
William Hodges
Heidi Hoffman and Tom Griffiths
Phyllis Hollenbaugh
Jan and Roy Holloway
Gail and Phil Holstein
Erica and Richard Horvitz
Anne and Stephen Hunter
Judy and Nick Huston
Barbara Reid and David Hyman
Sandy and Charles Israel
Louise Van K Jackson
Maida and David Kahn
Laura and Michael Kaplan
Jackie Kasabach
Mark and Marianne Keating
John Keleher
Bicky and George Kellner
Sue and Robert Kendig
Gail Mizner and Michael Kendric
Alexandra and Scott Kendrick
Elizabeth Kitchen
Douglas Knaus
Terri and Mike Knode
Kathryn and John Koch
Carol and Tom Kurt
Wendy Larson
Laura and Gary Lauder
Dede and Moses Lebovits
Daylene and Gary Lichtenwalter
Francine and Tag Liebel
Denise Lock
Kristin and Chuck Lohmiller
Gail and Ralph Lombardi
Liz Lons
Sam and Peter Louras
Albert Loushin
Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
Patricia Maddalone
Marlene Maddalone
Martha Madsen
Mirte Mallory
James Markalunas
Anne and Austin Marquis
Ellen and Tom Marshall
Bryan and Kelly May
Elsbeth and Gerhard Mayritsch
Carolyn and Lowell McCoy
Lynda Price and Charles McDonald
Joyce McGilvray
Margaret McLaughlin
Lynne and Lee Rick McMillan
Katherine McMillan
Leslie and John McQuown
Marian Melville
Denise Jurgens and Kevin Messerschmidt
Diane and Mead Metcalf
John Miller
Jack Miller, Jr.
Nancy and Charlie Mitchell
Dick Moebius
Michael Monroney
Caroline and John Moore
Carolyn and Tom Moore
Macey and John Morris
Gaard Moses
Mary and Roger Moyer
Lee Mulcahy
Ann Mullins
Kelly Murphy and Daniel Sullivan
Teresa Murtagh
Constance Houget and Richard Neel
Madalienne Peters and Horace Newhard
Cherie and Lennie Oates
Sharon and Dennis O’Neil
Michele McClinton and Brad Osborn
Jama and Jay Parker
William Parker, Jr.
Karen and Steve Passow
Janis Nark and John Pennington
Marjory and Frank Peters
Lorna Petersen
Patricia and Eric Peterson
Carol Hood-Peterson and Brooke Peterson
Ed Petrosius II
Diane Platek
The Pope Foundation
Gaby and Robert Rafelson
Dan Reeves
Anne Rickenbaugh
Polly Ross
Judith Royer
Diana Rumsey
Mary Ryerson
Linda and Jay Sandrich
Sally Saunders
Lorraine and Mark Schapiro
Julie and Steve Schlafer
Lynn and Brian Schreiber
Marianne and John Schuhmacher
Carole and Bob Sharp
William Sharp
Betty and Robert Shiels
Linda and James Shirk
Carolyn and John Shurman
Margaret and Mike Simmons
Joan and Virgil Simon
Johnette and Doug Simpkins
Derek Skalko
Andrew Skewes
Shirley and Albert Small
Morgan Smith
Doris and K.K. Solacoff
Lorraine and Pat Spector
Ellie Spence
Connie and Dave Spence
Diane and Charles Spickert
Alexis and Steve Spiritas
Sigrid and David Stapleton
Sandy and Steve Stay
Thomas Stevens
Valery Stevenson
Lou and Ray Stover
Curt Strand
Phyllis* and Marjorie Throm
Cyndi and John Tikunoff
Mary Ann and Ray Tittle
Tony Vagneur
Mia Valley
Marilyn Van Orden
Marguerite VillaSanta
Ellen and David Walbert
Janet Gilligan and John Waples
Carol Ward
Donna and Tom Ward
DJ Watkins
Patti and Jerome Webster
Vicki and Vic Weinstein
Babara Bakios-Wickes and Steve Wickes
Dexter Williams
Marilyn Wilmerding
Jacqueline Wogan
Karen and Kent Woodard
Donald Young
Judy and Joe Zanin
Paula Zurcher

Prospectors: $50-99
Barbara Averitt
Kirk Baker
Carol Batchelder
Cornelia and Nathaniel Bates
Betty Belsher
Heidi Bertholf
Richard Bird
Candace Goodwin and Rick Blauvelt
Carolyn and Jimmy Blouch
Dan Brabec
Marsha and Jack Brendlinger
Jerome Britton
Meredith and Dan Bullock
Michael Buysse
Lynne Cantrell
Molly and Steve Child
Christine Chisholm
Kenneth Clay
Jane Click
Jan and Ned Cochran
Valerie and Stirling Cooper
Stacey and Miles Craft
Sherrie Cutler
Catherine and Peter Davis
Sandra and Jim Dukas
Merle Dulien
Betty and Jerome Dummer
Richard Ebest
Paul David Ellis
Renee Fleisher
Marilyn Foss
Sara Garton
Susan Hall Gaudino
Charlotte Golden
Margot Graham
Ed Grange
Emma Greenman
Shelley Supplee and Hawk Greenway
Nanette and Irv Greif
Steve Hach
Dusty Hamrick
Ruth Harrison
Philip Hodgson
Allison and Pat Holloran
Audrey Holmes
Shirley Holst
Sara Horn
Lisa May Howard
Ellen and William Hunt
Rita Hunter
Tim Jewett
Sandy Johnson
Michael Karp
Martha Moran and James Kirschvink
Diana and Chris Lane
Kathryn Pinter and Bob Leatherman
Denison Levy
Wallace Lord
Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
Edeltraud and Chuck Lyons
Nora Berko  and Howell Mallory
Bob Marsh
Nancy Mayer
James McLaughlin
Lynne and Lee Rick McMillan
Sally and Bruce McMillen
Nancy E Meeker
Charles Miel
Pat Milligan
Peggy and Barry Mink
Nancy and Charlie Mitchell
Julie and Lee Monson
Anne Murchison
Virginia and Rick Newton
Amy E O’Rourke
Debbie and Philip Overeynder
Patty and Paul Patterson
Susanne C Peck
Sandra and Fred Peirce
Wendy Perkins
Michael Prinster
Sharon Prior
Rachel Richards
Lynette Richardson
John Ristine
David Rybak
Suzi Sanderson
Tom and Lois Sando
Kirk Scales
Janet Schoeberlein
Judith Schramm
Carol Seiersen
Carolyn and Dan Shipp
Carolyn and Dick Shohet
Patricia and Robert Silverman
Steve Skadron
Helene Slansky
Emi and Larry Slater
Jack Small
Nancy Snell and Rodney Knutson
Stephanie Soldner
Dolores Stutsman
Ned Sullivan
Viviane Thomas
Nancy Tipton
Priscilla Walker
Curt Warnecke
Mary Norma Weinkle
Judy and Lester Weison
Polly Whitcomb
Marlene and Tom Williams
Betty J Wills
Jaqueline Wogan
Dorothy Hoyt Wolcott
Steve Wright