I’m giddy with how good I look! Things are really taking shape, in all the right corners, here at the archive building. First, cabinetry has been installed on all three levels. In the basement, SpaceSavers were put in (twice as many as there used to be) to efficiently store items, documents and artifacts, and this will be our nexus of storage and preservation. Type A people will appreciate the utter organization of it all. On the main level, sleek-looking cabinets  have been added throughout the archives room, so the Historical Society’s most-accessed documents and objects can now be within (safe) reach. On the third floor, additional sets of cabinets and drawers have been installed. And everything matches!

And while it’s easy to get excited about the things that hide other things (like cabinets), I’m most excited about my gorgeous new floors. Not only are they fashionable, but they’re functional — durable and easy to clean for all the community and children’s events we’ll have in the new gallery space. I think it’s the first time that I can say I’m excited for people to walk all over me.

(Archive Building)

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