Eye of the Archives: Building Walls

It’s election season and everyone is putting up walls, including the G.F. Woods Construction guys. But unlike the metaphorical walls going up around the country, mine are the good kind. And I don’t discriminate either, I like all types of walls! The wall with the cinderblocks is called a Concrete Masonry Unit wall — CMU for those in the biz, or “magic shield” to me. This particular shield is going up my basement, where all of the tens of thousands of artifacts, documents and images will be kept, and its job is to be a firewall. All of the precious stuff will go inside the concrete box, and that protective shield will keep everything safe in case of the worst, like a fire or flood. Basically, if I’m in “Star Wars,” this is my force field.


(Archives Building)

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Click here for more information on the campaign and the renovation process.

Eye of the Archives: Party Time

I basically won the popularity contest of archives buildings last week when nearly 75 people showed up for our “groundbreaking” ceremony. It actually should have been called a wall-breaking ceremony, since my shell isn’t going anywhere, but my insides are getting the makeover.  People walked all over my floor, drew on my paint and took hammers to my walls — and I thought it was fun!

That means construction has officially begun. I’m feeling a little drafty these days without any insulation and a lot of open doors. But, hopefully I will be all buttoned up by the time snow stays on the ground. Then the construction crew can pay attention to the all the important upgrades that will happen inside me.


A. B.
(Archive Building)