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100 Years of Aspen High School Yearbooks

Go back in time to figure out who was Aspen’s biggest flirt in 1998 or what graduating seniors had to say about each other in 1910, all from the comfort of your computer. We recently digitized Aspen High School yearbooks from 1909 to 2010 (with some years missing), and anyone can browse them here. That means […]

Remembering Ralph Melville in His Own Words

Longtime Aspenite and founder of the Mountain Chalet Ralph Melville passed away Feb. 15 at 90 years old. He has been remembered by the community as a dedicated hotelier and host to his guests at the historic Mountain Chalet, which opened in 1954. Even as the town changed around him, most obviously with the development of […]

Top 5 Lines from ‘Aspen Extreme’

Two guys from Detroit quit their jobs and move to Aspen to become ski instructors. Quickly, T.J. Burke ascends the ranks as the most popular member of ski school, while Dexter Rutecki stumbles and debates running drugs. T.J. is pursued by the ’90s version of a cougar (Brice) while he actually falls for Aspen’s good-looking […]

‘Steve Jobs’ and His Aspen Connection

“Steve Jobs,” the movie, is all the chatter right now. The biography about the co-founder of Apple hits national theaters on Friday, but is already receiving a decent amount of buzz and acclaim after its limited release two weeks ago. Why do we care in Aspen? Because of the little girl pictured below. In the movie, she plays […]

Buy Your Berko

It’s that time of year, when friends of the Aspen Historical Society can pre-purchase the annual Ferenc Berko calendar for a discounted price. The acclaimed photographer was an Aspen icon, and an iconic Aspen photographer. He was the official shooter for the Aspen Institute and Aspen Music Festival and School during both organizations’ formative years. […]

Aspen in Objects: Bump, Set, Spike

Motherlode Volleyball Tournament Poster from 1975 On Labor Day weekend in 1972, Howard Ross and Gordon Whitmer from Newport Beach, Calif., decided to host a volleyball tournament for their friends. The co-owners of the Motherlode Restaurant needed a volleyball “fix.” They set up courts in Wagner Park, brought a keg of beer and a grill, […]